The Retailers now a day is thinking to extend beyond retail. The retailers are in turn thinking of extending their potential beyond their stores. These demands of the retailers are increasing the use of Beacon Technology. The beacons are mainly a low cost device that is easily available. They are portable enough to be used anywhere in the stores. The only thing that allows easy access to beacon messages is a Bluetooth enabled device.

Bluetooth and Beacon Technology:

Bluetooth facility helps the beacon technology to enable the process of transmitting messages through the wireless network. Bluetooth is also very user friendly without unnecessarily draining out the battery of the phone. With the help of Bluetooth Beacon technology it also helps the Retailers to provide location based payment solution as well as shopping facilities.

beacon technology

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi:

Although Beacon messages can be transmitted by both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices but there are some basic differences between the two.

The Wi-Fi network does not requires any permission from the customers unlike the Bluetooth system. The Wi-Fi once turned on by the customers constantly gives location information about the customers. The Wi-Fi network gives much more accurate information the customer’s physical location than the Bluetooth enabled devices. Wi-Fi gives much more accurate proximity detection. Wi-Fi also does not require any extra app to install unlike Bluetooth, which requires various extra app to be installed that provide information about the customer’s physical location.

However the Retailers can use both Wi-Fi as well as the Bluetooth to get a fruitful result.

Much Beyond Retailing:

  • Beacon with Bluetooth have potential much beyond retail. For instance the Bluetooth Beacons help the educational institutes to collect information about their students, faculty etc.
  • Beacons in the airport or railway station can provide information about departure or arrival, delay, or about passenger’s details.


In Store Retailing and Beacon Technology:

Beacon technology has made the shopping experience much more exciting than before. In-store retail and payment process or procedures are the two primary objectives that the Beacon Technology looks into. The Retailers transform flash messages, offers and discounts to the customers by this beacon technology. The payment process with beacon has become much more easy and smooth.

The customers are also knowledgeable enough now a day. They also do research work about a product or a brand before purchasing the same. To know the Customer’s Behavior and the Shopping habit the Retailers need to update themselves with certain information like;

  • What are the things the customers are buying the most
  • What are areas that are being explored more than the others by the customers?
  • What type of contents is attracting more customers?
  • How much time the customers are spending time in the store?
  • With whom the customers are visiting the store?

beacon technology

Type of Messages Transferred by Beacon:

Beacon technologies transmit the following messages through Bluetooth;

  • How the retailers are working?
  • What the retailers are planning for their customers?
  • What are the upcoming and ongoing discounts and offers?
  • Messages from the event organizers
  • Messages from the transit system
  • Messages from the enterprises
  • Messages from the educational institution

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