Context-Rich Systems: Future of Retail Technology

Personal technology is growing every day with the personalization of technology. But how will the user interact with their personal technology largely depends on their usage.

You can call this context-rich systems as a direct response to the growing need of the new technology. We are at the threshold of a new dawn where we are adapting new technology and with the complex system we are drawing information of the current situation and the surrounding people that can really revolutionize the world around us.


  • Personalized Context-Rich Systems

Context-rich systems work deeper in the personalization process by extracting detailed real-time information from the user about their current location and the device they are using to the weather along with their traveling speed. It can use the signal for content adjustment and content displaying and also by pulling in a number of different signals about the user and the context — from their present location and the device they are on, to the weather and the current speed they are traveling. It thus gives a great feedback to the user and allows the user to link together various services for a full website engagement

  • Ecosystems getting created by Context-rich Systems

Personal ecosystems started its formation with the increase of bringing more and more internet-connected device into the business platform, and users recognized the usefulness of personal ecosystems. But never made the mistake of applying outdated technology principal to the new technology.Smart Refrigerators (iOT based Internet Refrigerators) are nothing but the biggest joke of today’s technology. So, the users must think logical and apply technology for things that rather than interrupting ease of normal life.

  • Integration Of Context-Rich Systems

Data collaboration with the deep analysis is the core objective of the context-rich systems. It reflects the awareness of our surroundings and respond correspondingly to the users interaction. But dealing with such huge volume of data – coined as big data is the real big problem, as the base of such system is users information that is connected and computed from anywhere across the globe. Also, as the variables are multiple, the only trusted platform is Business Intelligence for the computation and the final analysis for any data of any retail outlet.

  • Future Perspective

The ultimate goal of the modern technology is data sharing, so it is clear that context-rich systems are going to rule the strategic technology market. And this will aim at user convenience.

The retail and almost every business in the real-time look for the thorough improvement of the retail operations that includes fast decision making and better customer support.

With the business sectors moving towards the context-rich systems, more data, device, and people are expected to be interconnected if and when needed. But what more is expected is getting the complete information about the environment and the interaction methodology with the surrounding.

So, if you are wondering for the next big step for your retail in store, I would advise you to head for the context-rich systems in your top 10 list, personalize it and use it for a better business output.


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