Retail Trends: Shopper-Centric Store Escalates

Ever since the dawn of e-commerce some 25 years ago, evolution has been a hallmark of the retail store. The landscape of the latest technology is effectively moving very fast. Though people are counting the last days of physical retail (since years), retail outlets are enjoying their gilded age!


Retail Technology Companies are firing their growth by multiplying customers in-store experience and retail engagement. The growth promises new and existing retailers to evolve their business.

A systematic retail when emerge facilitate the consumers a hassle-free shopping. The launch of the new style, new fads, surprises consumers every day making them fickle and whimsical with their selection. Consumers hunt for new, innovative and connected retailing are on a steady rise.

A physical store is the only platform that connects Brands and Retailers with the Consumers. So, enriching this platform can drive sales, boost revenue and enhance loyalty. Retailers can achieve this easily with the boon of latest technology. Technology gifted us modern and streamlined stores outfitted with slick and smartly equipped technological interfaces, such as beacon devices, magic mirrors, digital signage etc.

Adopt Beacon: Use Technology To make Revenue From Smart Data. But How?

  • Behavioral Insights & Consumer-driven marketing data.
  • Product Placement, Assortment Optimization, product movement in-store & Shelf-space allocation.
  • Floor Stack arrangement, and revenue conversion.
  • Product Affinity, Brand Engagement , pre-POS and post-PoS.

Technology puts up Store of the Future

When we look for the store of the future, our line of thinking should start from the consumer and end at consumer only! So a future store should be identified as the shopper-centric store.

It emerges by leveraging real-time data to provide a baseline of your shopper. Traffic monitoring has evolved into Tickto providing dimensionality to your shopper traffic – gender variation, age group, store aisle stay-time, market-basket analysis, store engagement factors etc.

A comprehensive knowledge of this baseline provides the retailer with tools to drive conversion and transaction value by adjusting staffing, merchandising or marketing.

What factors drive the retailers for the store of the future?

The traditional tools to measure customer activity in-store are not real-time, not simple to scale and are expensive to deploy.

The mobile and social revolution is coming up new ways to connect with customers, but not resulting in any meaningful adoption.

Discounts and coupons are available at POS or after the purchase.

Camera based installations are expensive to deploy and manage

Access point of WiFi  is unable to provide specific customer behavior

Why choose Tickto?

  • Geo-Location locate the exact position of your shopper in your store.
  • Instant Incentives and Personalized Promotions are offered for the shoppers.
  • Personalized Experience is obtained which are used to build Consumer Loyalty.
  • Comprehensive Analytics are generated to use to identify store performance.
  • Quick Deployment encourages customer engagement.
  • Mobile Shopping and Seamless Payment simplify in-store purchase.
  • Cloud Offerings enable data security.
  • Smart Shelving and Stocking drive sales.

Beacon Technology based loyalty program not only helps increase customer engagement on their handheld device, but bridge the gap between a brand’s application and physical presence.

We conclude with the aim to create a valuable and engaging service on mobile apps and physical store creating a sound brand loyalty. Other options for the in-store growth are adopted by the business units that examine various approaches and pick the best option to connect with the target audience.