Will Digital Coupons Win over the Paper Coupons in the Coming Years?

Proximity marketing is not a new concept among the Retailers and the Customers. However Bluetooth proximity marketing is a latest trend introduced now a day.

Every smart phones or mobile phone and tablets have a Bluetooth access facility in today’s world. Thus this also known as the mobile proximity marketing or the Bluetooth proximity marketing. Bluetooth is nothing but a short range wireless system that can transmit information as well as can also receive information from other devices without the use of any wires. Bluetooth proximity marketing involves transmitting promotional messages, videos, and images through this Bluetooth supporting devices. The messages are transmitted through the Bluetooth broadcasting equipments or devices and within the range of area where the transmitter is placed. These transmitters are known as the Beacons.

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The main objective of Bluetooth proximity marketing is to reach the customers directly to market a product. Bluetooth proximity marketing helps in finding out the individual customers and targets him or her at the right time and at the right place. The retailers are thus highly benefited by this system of marketing.


Retailers Benefit:

The retailers throughout the years are practicing several ways to market their products in a right manner by satisfying their customers. The Retailers are benefited from the Bluetooth proximity marketing in various ways. The retailers can send messages images, text to a customer even if he or she is present in the store physically. The customers can send relevant push messages from the retailers about a product that the customers are seeing or opting to buy.

Now a day the customers have a larger exposure to various online sites through which they can enhance their buying. The Bluetooth proximity marketing in turn helps the retailers in segmenting the customers. They help in segmenting depending upon the customers, Facebook login, etc. Thus these type of marketing strategies help to engage with a large number of audiences at a time. These help in direct communication with the targeted customers.

Additionally through this way of marketing the retailers’ track who is in the stores, what are the areas that are attracting most of the Customers. The Retailers can also improve their promotional contents Band messages by finding out which content is attracting more customers and which not.

Thus through this the retailers helps the customers to enhance their overall shopping experience.

Customer’s benefit:

The customers are also benefited in various ways through these Bluetooth proximity marketing. They can pay their bills trough Bluetooth much quickly than before. This system is also much more pocket friendly. With the push of a button, the customers can now pay the bill once they are registered to the shop.

Paper Coupon vs. live Coupon:
If we look into the statistics we will find that the use of both paper coupons as well as digital coupons is almost same.

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To make the full fledged use of digital coupons is however now under process, but as the year is passing by more and more companies and brands are showing their interest to introduce the coupon system.

There is a common dilemma among the retailers now a day whether digital or paper coupons which one will win over the customer’s attraction.

It is surprising to see that even if in this digital age or in this tech savvy world people are more inclined towards the paper coupons. Thus the Retailers need to think over this issue to find a way out to choose the best among the two.

Proximity Marketing: Merging Online with Offline Shopping

Till a few years back there was a wide and clear distinction between the Retail Marketing and Digital Marketing system. The methods and techniques used by these two were not at all similar. However, in the recent years the situation has changed a lot. The invention of Proximity Marketing has blurred the distinction between retail and digital marketing. Until its invention, the retail looks at the Stores while the digital division controls or operates the e-commerce section. Both Retail and Digital Marketing also targets two completely different sets of audiences until few years back.

Present Scenario:

Proximity marketing is helping the Retailers to keep a close watch to their in-store customers. This helps them to know about their customer’s behavior in a much clear way than earlier. Thus the proximity marketing strategy has bridge up the distinction between the brick and mortar store and the digital store or the e-stores. Now, the customers are not only a store or online visitor but are both.

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Why Proximity Marketing Is Beneficial for the Retailers?

Proximity marketing not only helps the Retailers in knowing the Customer’s Behavior well by tracking what they are buying or with whom they are coming, how much time they are spending but it also helps them to judge their marketing strategy as well. It helps the Retailers to find out if the products at their stores are kept in a proper manner or it needs any change to attracts the customers or if the in-store staffs are behaving properly with their customers.

Proximity Marketing and in-Store Marketing:

Proximity marketing has helped the in-store marketing in many folds like;

  • Increases the selling of the store
  • Help in cross promote
  • Incentive
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Increasingly handle the scale itself

With the help of proximity marketing the two system of online and offline mode of marketing have merge together. This also helps the Retailers to use the online browsing history with that of the physical visit in a store. Customers who had purchased something online can now be identified easily when they visit the store physically and can be treated accordingly satisfying their needs and demands. These customers can be tracked with the help of their smart phones.

The Mistakes to Be Avoided by the Retailers in Proximity Marketing:

There are certain mistakes that the retailers need to avoid for proximity marketing;

  • Receiving in sufficient amount of data. Proximity marketing requires huge data for knowing their customers well .Unfortunately some retailers are lacing of data.
  • Failing to put a limitation to the number of messages to be sent by the Beacons to in-store customers.
  • Failing to meet the customers demand. With the proximity messages the customer’s needs and demands of getting personalized offers and discount are increasing day by day which the retailers are failing to meet.

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Various proximity marketing solutions are :
The devices to be used for proximity marketing are termed as the proximity marketing solutions. Proximity marketing now a day is not only limited to the use of smart phones it can now be accessed through any GPS enabled devices, like the laptops.

Proximity marketing in India:

Proximity marketing is also gaining its importance in India at a fast pace. Many of the leading retailers of India is using the proximity marketing strategy to increase their business. The proximity marketing solutions that are used in India are;

  • An internet enabled device
  • An Wi-Fi enabled device
  • A Bluetooth device
  • A NFC enabled phone
  • QR codes