Proximity Marketing: a Way to Combat with the e-World


The localized method of transferring advertising contents for a particular place or location is known as Proximity Marketing. The transformation is done mainly through wireless channels. The people or the customers who want to receive the messages can receive it through various devices like their smart phone, laptops or any other Bluetooth enabling devices.

The Various Ways to Determine the Location of a Device Are as Listed below:

  • The Smart Phones or the cellular phone within a particular location.
  • Devices with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi facility.
  • The GPS enabled devices with a strong internet connection.

A NFC accessible device that can read a RFID chip that depicts the news of a Product launch or a media launch at a particular location. The information is collected in the form of localized contents that are collected via the internet servers.

mobile proximity marketing

Proximity Marketing has various utilization but how the Retailers are benefited out of it is the main matter of concern here. If someone goes by the definition of proximity marketing it is said there that proximity marketing is all about providing information about the people of a particular locality at a particular time. In this way the retailers can collect information about their targeted customers of a particular location.

How Do the Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Techniques Work?

Proximity Marketing like any other marketing involves selling or marketing of the product to their targeted customers. However the proximity marketing messages are accurate and are confined to a particular location at a particular time.

Following are the process through which the Bluetooth Proximity Marketing works:

  • The Data or the information collected through various Bluetooth enabled devices, or through internet are transformed into the form of images, text, data, audio, video or even sometimes in the form of games are sent to the targeted customers via their smart phones, laptops etc. Sometimes the retailers also send the messages when the customer is standing in front of a particular product.
  • Through push messages about the things or the products that the customers are seeing in the shop.
  • By sending various coupons containing discounts or offer for individual or group of customers.
  • Through various social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. The Data collected from these sites helps in proper segmentation of the customers. This way the Retailers are also benefited as they can approach their targeted audiences or the customers much smoothly.

Beneficiaries of Proximity Marketing:

Proximity Marketing has no doubt strengthened the relationship of the retailers with their customers. The engagement level of the retailers and their customers is much high with this marketing technique. The retailers can now their customer’s individual behavior, needs and wants. It also helps the retailers to privatize their products according to the individual customer’s choices or preferences.


Since smart phones have now became the necessity of every human being proximity marketing in this context have a much long way to go and help the retailers to shine in their business. This can be the only way the brick-and-mortar store retailers can combat with the e-retailers.

Proximity Marketing Together with Micro-Location Marketing Can Give a Better Result for Retail

The dictionary meaning of micro-location marketing implies to the process of using Geo demographics with that of marketing or to be more accurate we can say as the consumer marketing. As the name suggests micro-location marketing is a marketing technique or strategy where the advertisement messages or the contents are being targeted to a small group of people, thus the messages are meant for a group of targeted consumers. This process of marketing is widely being used the companies or the brands that segments their customers into small groups. These companies or the brands pay much attention to certain characteristics of their customers like their buying habits, their likes and dislikes etc.

Micro-Location Marketing Strategies:

The various micro-location marketing strategies involve;

  • All the strategies that are made for micro-location marketing process are based on either the local market or an individual targeted market . This involves having a clear observation on the style, size or pattern of the market.
  • Another thing that is kept in mind for micro-location marketing is to divide the whole lot of customers into small groups.
  • The most important objective of the micro-location marketing strategy is that the messages of this type of marketing are being targeted to an individual customer. This led the companies to have complete information about their customers.

Usefulness of Micro-Location Marketing:

This process of marketing helps the E-Commerce websites to track their customers easily. This in turn helps them to prepare their advertising messages accordingly. By knowing their customer’s demand these websites can display the product which the customer is in need off.

Potentiality of Micro-Location Marketing:

There are various potential of micro location marketing which are as follows;

  • It helps to attract more customers by raising their instinct of shopping by sending promotional messages, advertisement to the targeted group of customers or to a micro level of people to whom this advertisement matters.
  • By knowing the customer’s behavior it helps in delivering the messages or alerts of sale that the customer need or demand.
  • Helps in making more personalized content for individual customers like offers, discount, etc.
  • The companies can provide various details about a specific brand which will be beneficial for their shoppers.
  • Help in increasing the customer loyalty by linking or merging the real time offers with that of the micro location.

Levels of Micro-Location Marketing:

There are four levels through which the micro-location marketing works. These involve;

  • Segments
  • Niches
  • Local Areas
  • Individuals

Proximity Marketing and Micro-Location Marketing:

With invent of Proximity Marketing the most common terminology that we come across is the virtual shopping. This is quite true that the process of marketing have become much more easy and first with the help of mobile marketing or proximity marketing. Proximity Marketing has made the process of marketing much more personalized than it was before. Now the brands or the companies can track their targeted customers easily via the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi present in their Smartphone. This low energy beacons help to sent on spot messages to the customers. Proximity marketing also helps the brands or the companies to follow their customers through various social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. the companies now pay much more attention in tracking the customer’s behavior. Knowing the customer well is an important objective of micro-location marketing and this is being possible through proximity marketing.

micro-location marketing
micro-location marketing

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